Michael Colca has been creating fine work in wood in his own studio since 1978. His work is known for exquisite craftsmanship and sensitive use of material. It has been shown in Architectural Digest, featured in Texas Monthly, Arts and Crafts Homes, Cottages and Bungalows and The Austin American Statesman.

He has developed two distinctive lines of Arts and Crafts furniture, “Medina” and “Albero” that exemplify his love for the simple elegance of clean design and his passion for wood. Through his work with places of worship he has created sculptural furniture that is unique to each community and demonstrates the range of possibilities available to clients.

Custom design work has always been a cornerstone of the studio. Collaborations between client and builder provide the ultimate experience for those looking for direct involvement in the creation of their new furniture. Colca uses a design program that allows the client to see a complete three dimensional model which can be explored inside and out. This model can be placed in a photo of the room in which it will reside to further assist clients visualization and input.

Once you have owned a piece of Michael Colca furniture it is easy to see why he opens his catalog with the John Ruskin quote, “When we build, let us think that we build forever...let it be such work as our descendants will thank us for”. As Colca says, “Every aspect of each piece created here from conception to finish is meticulously considered and crafted. Motivated by a resolute pursuit of excellence my passion is to provide the best possible craftsmanship in every project, in every detail.  I guarantee it will be of exceptional quality throughout. With more than 32 years of designing and building for satisfied customers I can say this with confidence.”

Colca is also adjunct professor of Advanced Woodworking at Austin Community College. Since September 2006 he has shared his experience honed through his deep connection working wood with those who have a passion to learn the art and craft of furniture making. He is proud to have helped train two apprentices in his studio K. Mark Love (1995-2002) and Philip Mark Morley (2006-2013). Both are dedicated and talented woodworkers who have gone on to establish their own furniture studios.