As great a tool as the internet is for displaying work, it is a little frustrating to know that those who explore the web site can't immediately experience the furniture first-hand. Decades of crafting and selling this furniture have taught me that the most compelling thing about it for most people is how it feels and functions. The quality is infused throughout each piece. Many clients have told me that nothing compares to the experience of sliding out a hand-fitted drawer or opening and closing a door with its hand-made, spring fitted wooden latches and custom milled hinges.

The links on this page are an attempt to tell you about the care that goes into the creation of each piece. I hope that by exploring them you will learn more about who I am and how I make furniture. But even more than this, I hope you will have a chance to experience it for yourself very soon.


The design of a new piece of furniture begins with proportion. Its overall form must reflect the function it will serve. Each part--the pulls, the drawers, the stiles, and the rails--is scaled to conform with the whole design. Exposed joinery, as shown below, unites two pieces of wood. This connection not only celebrates the individual grace of each piece but also emphasizes the strength of the two pieces. By coming together in a perfect fit, the pieces contribute to the whole work.

"Good things are not always seen at once, but they do not need advertising when they are found." -Charles Greene

"Beauty does not imply elaboration or ornament, only those forms and materials which make for simplicity, individuality, and dignity of effect."
-Gustav Stickley


It is wood that gives the work soul, not tricks or gimmicks. I carefully select wood for each part to find the character and color that gives the truest sense of harmony, balance and beauty to each piece of furniture.

The majority of my work is in American black cherry, one of this country's prized treasures. Tight grained and stable, it is a beautiful wood to work. The cherry's color and subtle hues age to a rich and deep patina.

"The idea was to eliminate everything unnecessary, to make the whole as direct and simple as possible, but always with the beautiful in mind as the first goal."
-Henry Mather Greene


The look of the furniture is only half the story. The way it moves is the other half. The drawer is simply a box, precisely fit, waxed smooth, gliding effortlessly in its opening. There is no metal, rollers, or even grooves; it's just a box in a box, sliding easily and stopping in its place.

The doors are fit precisely on custom-milled brass pin hinges. I have designed a wooden latch mechanism whose action is firm and precise, yet quiet and smooth.

The experience of opening and closing a drawer or a door is exceedingly satisfying.

"We make our houses and they turn upon us the image of our own taste and permanently fix it in our very nature. Our works and our surroundings corrupt or refine our souls."
-Gustav Stickley


Lastly, the way a piece of furniture feels communicates the care that went into each step of its creation. Each part is sanded to a satin finish, and this process brings out the wood's luster. After assembly, a clear, protective finish is carefully applied. This finish invites you to feel the earthy, polished surface and to look deep into the heart of the wood.

"The worker ought to be thinking, and the thinker ought to be working."
-John Ruskin