We are partners with nature. Without the beauty that occurs naturally in a piece of wood, all our ideas would come to nothing. For this reason, I try to keep designs simple and free of any noise that might distract from the wood itself.

My favorite wood is Appalachian Cherry. Its distinct grain, rich color, and excellent strength make it an outstanding choice for fine furniture. Most pieces in this catalog are made of cherry.

Because it has such a profound effect on the outcome, I consider wood selection to be the most critical step in crafting a piece of furniture. At the start of each project I evaluate the wood, searching for the best color, character, and grain orientation. I look for every opportunity to book-match pieces of wood to create a sense of balance and harmony.

Perhaps less romantic, but every bit as important, is the way the wood will behave structurally in a piece. I carefully choose and arrange the material in ways that will guarantee strength and proper operation of moving parts for years.

These considerations, if done well, are not easy. They comprise an essential task that cannot be done in haste. The process is both scientific and intuitive.