"We are thrilled with our china cabinet.  The craftsmanship is impeccable, the materials are of the highest quality and the design timeless.  As we walk past it we see the highly figured cherry changing with the light creating the sensation that the piece is constantly evolving.  It is indeed a work of art."Gene and Laurie, Austin, Texas

"It is difficult to express just how important I think your design & craftsmanship are; the essence is mastery. My guess is a lot of human mysteries & problems could be solved if there were a greater sense of and commitment to mastery. And the good news for me is that the product of yours is both exceptional & tangible. Best regards."—Herb Bradshaw, Texas

"We have been enjoying our table immensely. It is far more than a tablea piece of art that brings joy to our hearts. Steve was very happy to be able to work with you in the design stage. Your excellent craftsmanship is exquisite. Thank you"—Steve & Becky K, Texas

"I could not be more pleased with my furniture. I recommend you to people I talk to and who see your pieces. I am glad I was able to get all the pieces I have. Sincerely"— Doris S

"The table has aged beautifully and is one of the first things you see when you come in my house. I am completely satisfied with it."— Michael L

"Dear Michael, We are so proud of our new bed, it is a "work of art". We slept like babies last night! Thank you so very much. We are so glad that we discovered you. Thank you again," Sincerely, — Joe & Elizabeth

"Dear Michael, The design and workmanship (of our bedroom set) is beautiful. I am very happy with the furniture. Thank you," —Delsa, Massachusetts

"We are delighted with the furniture you designed and built for us. The dining table has been an unqualified engineering success! We love it and the chairs. There is absolutely nothing we would change!— Lou & Margie

"We are extremely satisfied with the buffet and coffee table you built for us. Our admiring guests say they have never seen anything like it. Your creations, made with extraordinary detail, are timeless pieces of inspiring art, pleasing to the eye and to the touch. They will be heirlooms for our children one day. We feel very fortunate we were able to purchase handmade, museum quality furniture from a master craftsman."—David and Michal, Austin

We love our dining table and chairs! The birdseye maple and cherry is a beautiful combination!—Susan, Oregon

Our Sofa Table is one of our favorite pieces of furniture. It occupies a space in a gallery hallway in our master bedroom. The finish is perfect, and the drawers glide like butter! We hope to own more of your wonderful furniture.—S Jamison, Texas

Our Medina Bed is among our most prized possessions.—Jeff, Austin

The writing desk that you designed and built for us is a very functional and beautiful piece of furniture. We love it! The Cherry is aging beautifully! The action of the drawers is very smooth to open and close. There is nothing we would change about this desk. Thanks—Jamie Jensen 

The design, size, and selection of woods and leather for the dining set are lovely. It is all beautiful!—Joan Edelstein, New York

The Furniture is beautiful and looks amazing in our room! The fine Craftsmanship of your hand crafted work blew me away-total care and quality. I also enjoyed every step of the process, especially the “in progress” pictures you sent along.
Many Thanks,
Lisa B.-Pennsylvania